Thursday, June 28, 2007

e- mail -finally I got it

It was a sunny day , as usual hot n humid... I was on my way to office got into the front seat of a share auto, ( on the left side of driver :-D )reached depot and 29C was waiting for me .. he he ..Hmm yet another monotonous day is getting started ... The bus started off and a guy entered into the bus from nowhere .. jumped in .. the automatic door was about to close and the driver said something to him .. but he ignored it and sit somewhere .. This made me into nostalgic mood , which I love ... Reminded me of one of my goodfriend , the worst example of punctuality .. but a great human indeed . Some people doesn’t need to do anything to get a place in others mind .. and he belongs to that category .

I was thinking how I lost touch with him ,its 2 years after college ,Was in touch for a while . Then .... well I did my part that is what I believe.Had sent mails to him once in a while .. at some point of time the 'no response' thing came into picture and I moved myself to 'ignore mode' . There will be 110 reasons "WHY I DIDNT REPLY" I never wanted to hear that, and so I thought its over .But after seeing the guy , I decided to write a mail to him after a gap .. Reached office.. Opened the mail box, mailed him ,though I was not expecting any reply from him . And I logged into my remote desktop and started my regular support activities . After a while I switched to local desktop to check mails , It was sorted in "senders" , Was surprised to see a mail from him ... "1 mail unread " , Me stopped for a moment ..what bad word he would havechosen to address me ... (He use offensive words a lot but never when he is angry :-))What might be the explanation that he is going to tell, what will be the update from his side .. Hmmm .. expanded the sender mode .. opened the mail
......"Out Of Office Auto Reply"


good one...."Applying Thought"

good work ...:-)...Is this about one of our batchmates ?

kollaam... kalippulla 2-3 ennam poratte.. harris

haha good one .. funny !!
keep bloggin !!!

kollaam appee.... good reading...

that was good.. Well made me think of those umpteen broken chords with our long lost friends.. Keep writing!


Nice one... :-)
Waiting for the next one..!!

@varkey Thanks da
@hari :-) no da no one .. \
@harris .. :) namakku kalippakkamenne
@arun .. 'll try :D
@luttu .. thanks machu
@Rakhi ... thanks :)..
@psy ... sure I'll try
@soli .. nanni

eda ethu adyathekalum better....keep it up....ketooo

Kinnan post aaa ketto?
I liked it.
g8 work. Oru surprise undu.

Good Work Praphul!
I want to know whether he replied you back after sometime?

I dont expect reply .. all are selfish

hey...Kollatto.....better than the first one..enikku ishttayi!!!!gud one...

gplus utube buzz